Book Cover Packages

Book Cover Packages

The cost of each book cover package includes the Parklands Studio hire charge, as well as Joel’s modelling, photography and post-production fees.

For covers which require an additional model, or a male model other than Joel, a small additional fee may be incurred.

Basic Package

£ 250
Per Book
  • One high-resolution royalty-free, unlimited licence custom made cover image.
  • Four high-resolution royalty-free, unlimited licence custom made images for internet/promotional use.

Multi-Book Cover Package

£ 200
Per Book
  • For cover artists and authors working on a book series.
  • One custom made cover image and four custom made images for internet/promotional use per book, as per the Basic Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will my images be used on any other book covers?

No. All images are tailored to the specific instructions of each client, and will not be sold or used on any other book cover. Furthermore, any images taken during the photoshoot but not selected by the client, will not be released for promotional purposes or otherwise until after the date of release.

How does Joel manage to both take an image and appear in it?

Joel utilises specific technology in order to both take an image and appear in it, known as self-art.  The process of capturing the image is a fully auntomated one, which combines both modern computer and camera technology with Joel’s experitse and knowledge both infront and behind the lens. 

Is ‘couples’ imagery available?

Yes. Joel is a very experienced model, who has worked extensively throughout his career with other models on couples shoots. 

Can I use models other than Joel?

Yes. It is not a requirement that Joel is used as the cover model, and depending on the look required, Joel will source a number of male or female models for each cover in which he is not asked to feature.

Can I specify the background to a specific image?

Yes. Parklands Studio boasts 13 acres of private land, which encompass a number of diverse and distinct features, rendering it suitable for an almost limitless range of creative projects.

Furthermore, images taken in the studio can be captured on black, white or chroma-key backgrounds. These images can be provided in this form or can be transferred onto any specified background image.