Apollo Tyres – Bad Roads Lead To Good Places

In August 2019, I made the trip to Iceland to film a short commercial for Apollo Tyres. Released the following month for the Indian market, my character shares the joys of an adventurous life before having a cup of tea with a Yeti!

Visiting Iceland has always been on my Bucket List… and in August 2019 I was lucky enough to visit this beautiful country in order to film a commercial for Apollo Tyres.

Apollo Tyres is the world’s 7th biggest tyre manufacturer, and this commercial was produced for the Indian market, where the company is based. 

Filming took place on location, in a beautiful area that was around 4 hours drive outside of Reykjavík.  My scene was scheduled to be shot in a magnificent cave… however, on inspection, the conditions in the cave on the day were too bad for this to happen, and so a makeshift set was constructed in a tent. This, unfortunately, caused sound problems too, and so my voice had to be dubbed over in the final production… none-the-less, it was a fantastic experience (and I even got to visit the Blue Lagoon during my stay!).

Many thanks again to my agent Mark Harris at Reality Check Management, who put me forward for this opportunity.

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