Aurora Visits Parklands Studio

On Sunday 25th August 2019, the freelance model Aurora visited Parklands Studio to host a model day. During her stay, we managed to find a short amount of time to work together using my 'self-art' technique.

Aurora is a 24 year old Hungarian freelance model, currently based in Bournemouth. On the last weekend in August 2019, Aurora visited Parklands Studio to host a sold out model day, and during her stay we managed to set a side just a couple of hours to work together. 

Most of our session was dedicated to couples work, with Aurora and I modelling together through a technique I’ve pioneered called ‘self-art’.  Self-art allows me to act as both the photographer and model at the same time, using a system of facial recognition technology.

Here are just a few of the images that we managed to capture. As you can see, Aurora is an extremely talented model who is capable of modelling a wide variety of genres and styles, and she had a clear idea of what she wanted to achieve from the shoot.

I will be working again with Aurora in 2020, and you can follow her modelling on Instagram

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