On the Rocks with Jewelled Earth

Following an early morning start on 12th July, I worked with photographer Jewelled Earth, also known as Holly, on an art-nude sunrise theme.

In recent years, I’ve seen an increase in the number of models who also enjoy working behind the camera. I’m obviously one such example, and the extremely talented Ivory Flame is another. Over the last year or two, Ivory Flame (or Holly to her friends) has really begun to expand her creative photographic repertoire under the name Jewelled Earth.

Now I’ve worked with Holly on several occasions over the last few years, with both of us working in front and behind the lens with one another, and in mid-July Holly approached me to ask whether I’d be interested in taking part in an art-nude shoot set against an early morning sunrise… and I jumped at the chance!

Holly already had a location in mind, namely Bradgate Park in Leicestershire, and so we arrange to meet just prior to sunrise at 5:30am. Following a short walk through the park, and a quick recce of the area, we elected to utilise some of the rock formations to fabulous effect. As you can see from the images below, Holly’s use of the emerging sun to light the contours of my body resulted in capturing some wonderfully effective shots.

You can follow Holly’s photography on Instagram using the handle @jewelled_earth.

Holly’s modelling can be followed on Instagram and Facebook, or via her website.

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