Who Knowles Best with Ella Rose!

On Sunday 14th July 2019, Max and Julie Knowles visited Parklands Studio to work with myself and model Ella Rose on a guided duo shoot.

I first met Max and Julie Knowles early on in my modelling career, when Max responded to a casting call I’d posted online about a fitness shoot at a ‘strong man’ gym in the north of England.

Since then, Max and I have worked together on a number of occasions, and his wife Julie has also taken up photography too. Max and Julie have even supported ‘Always With A Smile‘ – the foundation that I established in 2006 and run alongside my creative work.

In mid-July, the couple visited Parklands Studio to work with myself and Ella Rose, on a guided duo-shoot. Ella Rose is a wonderful model, who I have also worked with on several occasions, and it’s often stated that our looks are very complimentary to one another, especially when a ‘classical’ theme is sought.

The session, which lasted just over 3 hours, aimed to provide both Max and Julie with a ‘crash-course’ in duo-photography, detailing everything from lighting to posing, and from direction to post-production work. My role was not only to model for Max and Julie, but also guide them through the basics of duo-photography. Most of the session took place in the studio, covering both low and high key setups, before venturing outside to capture some natural light imagery on location. The results, as you can see, were very impressive indeed.

Both Max and Julie did an excellent job behind the lens… they listened intently throughout the session, took on board the guidance, and then implemented their own style on the images that we captured. Below are just 3 edits from our time together, but they demonstrate the quality of imagery that we managed to capture.

This will be my last blog post for a few days as very early tomorrow morning, I fly out to Iceland to film a commercial for a well-known tyre manufacturer for the Indian market.  

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