The Perfect Blend with Shadow Image Photography

On Friday 12th July, photographer Ron Richardson (Shadow Image Photography) visited Parklands Studio.

I’ve worked with Ron Richardson, who goes by the name ‘Shadow Image Photography’, on many occasions over the last few years. An exceptional photographer, with an infectious enthusiasm for creating unique and distinct imagery, Ron’s portfolio showcases some striking captures of both men and women, and Ron was also the creative behind my ‘Aquaman’ images that were shot earlier this year. 

Our latest photoshoot took place in mid-July, when Ron came to Parklands Studio, and our session consisted of two main parts. The first part of the shoot took place indoors, where we concentrated on portraiture. Then, for the second part of the shoot, we took to the lake (which forms part of the 13 acre location at Parklands Studio).

As you can see from the small selection of edits published here, Ron has an excellent photographic eye. What you can’t see however, is just how well Ron communicates with the subject when engaged on a shoot. As an experienced model, when Ron and I shoot together the session always involves a ‘back-and-forth’ of ideas, and I always feel a big part of the creative process. Furthermore, when actively shooting, Ron provides direction when needed, but not to such an extent that he stifles the creative expression of the model. It’s the perfect blend.

You can see more of Ron’s work at

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