Spain: Part Three

The final set of images taken whilst away on a short break in Spain.

Image selection is never easy, not as a model and neither as a photographer. After all, modelling and photography are forms of art, and art is, by its very nature, subjective.

When starting out as a model, choosing between two or three images that you really like, but which are very similar, is a difficult task and often results in showcasing far too many images which are essentially the same.

As a photographer, it’s possible to manipulate images in post-production to generate a series of photos that have a dramatically different look and feel, despite being closely similar in pose or composition. This however, often plays at odds with a photographers desire to develop a signature look or feel to their work. 

For me personally, regardless of which side of the lens I’m working on, I generally like as much variety in a set of images as possible, as this inevitably results in a more diverse portfolio.

As before, the photographer who captured these images was Alex Higginson.

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Running on Water

This image, named ‘Running on Water’, was taken by photographer Alex Higginson in May 2019. Here you can see the post-production workflow that led up to the creation of the final image.

On the Rocks with Jewelled Earth

Following an early morning start on 12th July, I worked with photographer Jewelled Earth, also known as Holly, on an art-nude sunrise theme.

Who Knowles Best with Ella Rose!

On Sunday 14th July 2019, Max and Julie Knowles visited Parklands Studio to work with myself and model Ella Rose on a guided duo shoot.