Spain: Part Two

More images from my recent short break in Spain.

Whenever I go away, I always like to take my camera with me… just in case the opportunity to shoot arises!  And from these images, taken by Alex Higginson whilst we were in Spain, hopefully you can see why…

Alex, a special needs teacher, doesn’t own her own camera yet, but she has been developing her interest in photography with me at Joel Hicks Photography over the past 12 months, and she has really come on leaps and bounds in terms of image composition and camera management in that time. The images here were taken when conditions for photography weren’t easy, but she has done a wonderful job in capturing the moment in so many shots.  

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Running on Water

This image, named ‘Running on Water’, was taken by photographer Alex Higginson in May 2019. Here you can see the post-production workflow that led up to the creation of the final image.

On the Rocks with Jewelled Earth

Following an early morning start on 12th July, I worked with photographer Jewelled Earth, also known as Holly, on an art-nude sunrise theme.

Who Knowles Best with Ella Rose!

On Sunday 14th July 2019, Max and Julie Knowles visited Parklands Studio to work with myself and model Ella Rose on a guided duo shoot.